Will a ductless heat pump work in my home?


Mitsubishi Wall Mounted Unit

If you’re wondering whether or not a ductless heat pump will work in your home, the answer is more than likely yes. With the wide variety of indoor options available, ductless heat pumps have become adaptable to almost any situation. While the most common type of indoor unit remains the wall mounted style,┬áthe use of alternative units such as concealed, ducted units, and low floor mount units are on the rise. The fact of the matter is that all homes are different, as are the people who live in them, and they all have different needs. The use of these alternative indoor units in conjunction with the standard wall mounted ductless units, allow for much more flexibility in the design process. For example, if you live in a 1,600 square foot home with a fairly wide open main living space, but the bedrooms are isolated from the rest of the house, you could potentially feed the main area with a wall mounted unit or two, and then install a concealed ducted unit, such as the one pictured below, in the attic or crawl space that could feed some short duct runs into the bedrooms.


Mitsubishi ducted indoor unit

One area where ductless heat pumps can really have a huge impact on livability of a space is in the upstairs of older homes that never had ductwork ran to them, or were converted from attics. A lot of times in these houses, the ceiling follows the pitch of the roof, and the attic knee walls of the upstairs are very short. In this scenario, a floor standing unit works great. The wall mounted units work best when you can get them up at a higher level in the room, but when you don’t have the luxury of installing the unit up high, the floor standing unit is the answer. The floor standing unit, as pictured below can be used in multi-zone applications only.

Mitsubishi Floor Standing Indoor Unit

Mitsubishi Floor Standing Indoor Unit

Ductless heat pumps have had a tremendous impact on the heating and air conditioning industry in the last five years, and with the continued developments in the product line, they are definitely here to stay. So, no matter if you currently have baseboard heat in your home, and want a more efficient heating system along with air conditioning, or if you have a bonus room you would like to heat and cool without affecting the rest of your home, or if your upstairs is unusable because it gets too hot, chances are that a ductless heat pump system could be just what you’re looking for.